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Families Seeking Wellness

Oct 17, 2018

Dr Steph and Heather sit face to face and discuss her growing online community helping moms have a safe, open minded environment to educate and empower families.



Holistic Mom of 4!! Passionate about empowering moms & helping to build their family "toolboxes!” Creator of The Holistically Green Village, a holistic living community designed to be the centralized hub to educate, and build relationships between our members, holistic businesses and service providers through daily activities, videos, discussion boards, and in person events and workshops.

We will provide a safe, open minded environment and culture that educates and empowers our members to think outside the box, create their own “toolbox”.  We encourage members to ask questions and trust their gut instincts all while building a holistic lifestyle that is in perfect alignment for them!!


To make an appointment, call  773.528.8485 or go to

1442 W. Belmont Ave., 1E Chicago, IL 60657


To learn more about Dr. Maj, go to to receive the digital copy of her book & speaker’s books and resources will be delivered right to your inbox.