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Families Seeking Wellness

Nov 6, 2018

Drs. Jennifer & Stephanie discuss Mercier Therapy and its effectiveness healing painful periods, infertility, trauma through easing adhesions and scar tissue around your organs.

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Jennifer Mercier has been practicing in the field of holistic and integrative wellness since 1996. Her practice started when she graduated from her undergrad program and massage therapy school concurrently and took and interest in pregnancy massage and this is where she learned about doulas. It was so intriguing to her that she decided to become certified as a doula. Within a short period of time practicing as a doula Jennifer wanted to deepen her roots in serving women and took the path to study midwifery. Her midwifery studies took her to birth centers in the Caribbean, Miami, and Texas. Once finishing her studies she practiced midwifery in a home birth setting for 12 years. During her midwifery practice she actively took courses in a dual degree ND/PhD program and graduated in 2007 and 2009 respectively. Dr.Mercier's current practice specializes in the reproductive pelvic and endocrine wellness. She is the creator of Mercier Therapy and trains professionals to implement her protocols into their practices. Mercier Therapists are practicing in 11 countries worldwide. In 2017 her documentary film Fertility: The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy was released through FilmBuff and Food Matters TV. Jennifer is currently writing her first book exclusively dedicated to the infertility epidemic and how we can take a less invasive approach to achieving pregnancy and building healthy families.

Specializing in Women's Reproductive Wellness and Hormones

fertility challenges | natural hormones | postpartum | cesarean recovery and pelvic pain

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